Consciousness Coaching for new possibilities (English)

Bring your authentic self to work and create successful collaboration

Do you feel as comfortable with your personal skills as you do with your professional skills? What if leading your team or project could feel like an easy flow – in line with your inner power?

In Conscious Coaching, I guide you in switching from reaction-mode, that mainly focuses on external factors and destructive beliefs, into creation-mode aligned with your inner power. From here, you will be able to create exciting new possibilities and habits that lead to flow and success. And as you switch perspective and connect with your truth, your collaboration and team work will change as well.

When you choose to strengthen your personal skills, coaching can be a powerful tool on your path towards an authentic and successful career.

What makes Consciousness Coaching different from other coaching offers?

  • Trust in your inner power: Our conversations are based on the connection with your authentic self, overcoming subconscious beliefs and ego tactics that keep you from acting in alignment with your values. 
  • Inspiration for new possibilities: You will learn empowering tools that allow you to transform anger energy into passion, to use the power of your word or to act beyond your thoughts and emotions to achieve the goals you really care about. And of course many more. Armed with this knowledge, you can strengthen your consciousness in all areas of life every time
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  • Action oriented: Each session provides you with a holistic set of actions that support you in implementing your new perspective. Step by step. Session by session. To achieve the goals you set for yourself.
  • Personal connection: You will work with an open and interested person who knows both: Thuringia and the world.

The Coaching Essentials

Typically a coaching cycle will include 6-12 sessions over several weeks or months. For example we will have one coaching session per week, length about 50 minutes.

We use Zoom to meet or my office at KrämerLoft Erfurt (near train station). Other locations in Thuringia are possible.

You can choose between different coaching packages, depending on your needs and budget. A: 2 sessions per month (200€ for private clients, 300 € for business clients), B: 4 sessions per month (400€ for private clients, 600 € for business clients). Optional: my full availability for your questions via WhatsApp or Email on the day during our sessions +100 €. All fees excl. VAT.

Our first coaching session is non-binding. If you don't feel this is for you, you can walk away with no obligations to pay or continue. If you like the experience this sessions is part of your monthly package.

Session are possible in German or English.

Curious? Want to learn more? Please schedule a call (15 min) in which we can discuss any of your questions. 

Sonja's coaching led me to untap a deeper, more soulful layer of my true self. Through these coaching sessions I felt I had awakened a new side of me which gave me endless new possibilities. I want to thank Sonja for her patience and compassion in enabling me to become a better version of myself. I would highly recommend Sonja for other who are interested in taking their life to the next level!



More about me as your Consciousness Coach

I am a coach, trainer, facilitator and pattern seeker. My personal objectives include creating authentic, connected and efficient collaboration – for individuals, their teams and organizations – to enable them to actively design their “beautiful future.” 

I have a diverse background in intercultural management, and have studied, worked and lived in Thuringia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Munich and Hamburg. Over the first 10 years of my career I’ve held multiple roles in the digital business industry. After founding my own business in 2017, I became involved with organizational and personal development. Since then, I have worked with teams and leaders of well-known startups and corporations in setting up, and developing new ways of collaboration, including OKRs and other approaches – from nonviolent communication to remote working (e.g. various Axel Springer companies/units, Awin, Bauer Media Group, ShaktiMat, and may more). 

I am the proud co-author of the book “OKRs AT THE CENTER: How to use goals to drive ongoing change and create the organization you want” and author of various online learning courses on new methods of collaboration. And I am also the co-host of the monthly online meetup group “GFK im Business” (“Non-Violent Communication in Business”).

Today, I predominantly focus on sharing my mission: the empowerment of people in the region Thuringia and beyond, for open-hearted collaboration in business and society.

Me in my coaching office, the place where the magic happens on-site (KrämerLoft Erfurt)

My professional qualifications

  • Professional Consciousness Coaching ® (ICF accredited ACTP coach training 2021), Consciousness Coaching®️ Practitioner
  • The Neuroscience of Change (Certificate, Coaches Rising, 2020)
  • Trainer for Non-Violent Communication (Training group Roland Eggert, 2019)
  • OKR-at-the-center approach (self-developed approach for organizational goal system implementation, training and its development, in cooperation with Natalija Hellesoe)
  • Design Thinking (Various certificates, IDEO U, 2016)
  • Diplom (Master eqv.) in Business Administration & Intercultural Management (Jena/ Germany, with stops in Canterbury/ UK, Puebla/ Mexico, Munich/ Germany 2003-2009)